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Machine tagging in Flickr (and elsewhere?)

"Machine tags" (see Flickr: Discussing Machine tags in Flickr API) have been introduced into Flickr as generalization of things like geotagging. Machine tags are also known by many as "triple tags". These are tags with a specific syntax aimed primarily for "machine consumption" (that is, by programs) and not directly for display to the typical […]

Riya-Flickr mashup / What is visual search?

In a sidebar to Chapter 3, I ask the question of whether we will be able to ultimately rely on visual searching instead of tags? I mention that that companies like Riya are hard at work to bring us visual search. What other companies are out there? Trying out Riya has been on my list […]

Blossoms and the Berkeley winter (spring)?

Some nice blossoms in Berkeley…. (I'm demonstrating the blogging of multiple Flickr photos with Flock with this post)

Flickr downloaders

I'm so used to using Flickr to host my pictures that I need to remind myself that the primary audience for my Flickr photos — namely, my own family and close friends — don't know about or care for Flickr the way I do. My sister, for instance, doesn't want to spend her time looking […]