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mashups of Google Maps Street View?

With pointers such as Greg Sadetsky's tidbits on how Google Map's Street View works in the browser (e.g., URLs of specific shots, a pointer to a Flare, an Actionscript decompiler), how long will we have to wait until we get mashups that give us a video tour of Berkeley using photos from Street View?

KML adoption beyond Google Earth

KML has moved beyond its use in Google Earth alone. For instance, you can display KML files and export search results and one of your "my maps" from Google Maps in KML. Other applications are beginning to support KML: For instance, you can get KML coming out of Yahoo! Pipes. There is support for KML […]

Chapter 2: First draft

I have posted the first draft of Chapter 2 (pdf) "Looking at Flickr,, Google maps, and as end-user tools". The chapter analyzes Flickr (as our primary extended example) for what makes it the remix platform par excellence for learning how to remix a specific application and exploit its many features that make it […]