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Learning about JavaScript libraries using the Google Ajax Libraries API

In Chapter 8 of my mashup book, I wrote Ideally there would be one obvious choice for an excellent JavaScript library, and everyone would use it. The current situation is that there are many JavaScript libraries, and it is not at all obvious how they compare. I was hoping that in the course of writing […]

New chapters posted: Seeking readers!

I posted today first drafts of 5 more chapters for my book.   Take a look — I'd love to get some feedback on these drafts.   (Send me email at raymondyee AT mashupguide DOT net.):   Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-05-02 07:58:41) Chapter 4: "RSS and Atom and syndication; integration with news readers" (2007-04-24 17:52:20) […]

Browser extension mechanisms for various browsers

I know about the Firefox add-on/extension mechanism but what about the corresponding element of other web browsers? Here's what a series of quick web searches turned up: Firefox Firefox Extension Development Tutorial :: Overview Opera Opera widgets: Opera Widgets – Weather, News, and More Opera User Javascript — Opera's take on Greasemonkey: – […]

Chapter 8 on the programmable web browser, Javascript, and AJAX

Starting today, I will be writing much more often on this weblog to narrate the progress of my mashup book. The writing has been going well, but needless to say, there's so much more to do. This week, I am working on two fronts: cleaning up Chapter 1, an overview of mashups, and drafting, Chapter […]