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New chapters posted: Seeking readers!

I posted today first drafts of 5 more chapters for my book.   Take a look — I'd love to get some feedback on these drafts.   (Send me email at raymondyee AT mashupguide DOT net.):


Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-05-02 07:58:41)

Chapter 4: "RSS and Atom and syndication; integration with news readers" (2007-04-24 17:52:20)

Chapter 5: "Integration with Weblogs and Wikis" (2007-05-02 08:08:41)

Chapter 8: "Learning AJAX/Javascript widgets and their APIs" (2007-04-06)

Chapter 14: "Social Bookmarking and bibliographic systems" (2007-05-02 08:33:09)

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