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delicious: the name changed, but has the API?

I'm looking forward to having the chance to teach my "Mixing and Remixing information" course for the fourth time In January 2009.  Since I plan to use my book on mashups as one of the primary texts, I'm going to have to update it.  Even though the book was published in February, a fair amount […]

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Exisiting pieces to draw on on social bookmarks for Chapter 14

If I weren't sick with a cold, I'd be energetically plowing away on Chapter 14 on the topic of social bookmarks. I'm trying to get through a first pass of the chapter this afternoon, which is likely to be way too optimistic. Fortunately, I am drawing from some work that I've already assembled: first of […]

Chapter 2: First draft

I have posted the first draft of Chapter 2 (pdf) "Looking at Flickr,, Google maps, and as end-user tools". The chapter analyzes Flickr (as our primary extended example) for what makes it the remix platform par excellence for learning how to remix a specific application and exploit its many features that make it […]