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delicious: the name changed, but has the API?

I'm looking forward to having the chance to teach my "Mixing and Remixing information" course for the fourth time In January 2009.  Since I plan to use my book on mashups as one of the primary texts, I'm going to have to update it.  Even though the book was published in February, a fair amount has changed in the world of mashups.   As a consequence,  I plan, over the next three months before class starts,  is to document some of those changes.

Let me start with something that should be straightforward. I wrote about delicious in Chapter 14 of my mashup  book,   a chapter about social bookmarking.    Since the book was published, delicious underwent a change of name — from to

In updating my book, I will have to make note this name change and any consequences.   My hope is that all the old URLs would continue to work.  Indeed, that is my experience during some casual testing.  For instance, the URL

is redirected to

as one would expect.

Curiously though, the URLs involved in the delicious API are still based on the old domain name — according to the current documentation.    Hence, all the URLs that look like


in my book are still correct.

After not had an opportunity to look at whether there are  changes in the API  that don't result from the name change — that examination will have to come later.

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