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Updates to Yahoo! Pipes (from Dec 2007)

While finishing my book, it wasn't possible for me to keep up with all the changes that were happening with the many web applications I track in the book.  One such change came in Yahoo! Pipes:  Pipes Blog » Blog Archive » New "Fetch Page" module and nice web path enhancement…. I have to try […]


2nd drafts of Chapters 3, 4, and 5 posted

For your reading pleasure…. Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-08-08) Chapter 4: "Feeds, RSS and Atom" (2007-08-08) Chapter 5: "Remixing Weblogs" (2007-08-08)

The further development of Yahoo! Pipes

I currently have an example of how to use Yahoo! Pipes in Chapter 4 of my book. Pipes continues to advance quickly beyond the point I last took a close look. At the start of its life, Pipes dealt only with acepting inputs and creating outputs that are RSS or Atom feeds. Now, it seems […]

New chapters posted: Seeking readers!

I posted today first drafts of 5 more chapters for my book.   Take a look — I'd love to get some feedback on these drafts.   (Send me email at raymondyee AT mashupguide DOT net.):   Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-05-02 07:58:41) Chapter 4: "RSS and Atom and syndication; integration with news readers" (2007-04-24 17:52:20) […]

ProgrammableWeb points me to yet another Google release!

It's very difficult to keep up with the world of public APIs and mashups — even for someone like me who is writing a book on the topic and teaching a course on the subject! Now that I have a bit more time to work on the topic, I turn now to being more assiduous […]