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2nd drafts of Chapters 3, 4, and 5 posted

For your reading pleasure…. Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-08-08) Chapter 4: "Feeds, RSS and Atom" (2007-08-08) Chapter 5: "Remixing Weblogs" (2007-08-08)

Google Reader API?

I don't think that there is an official API for Google Reader although Niall Kennedy documened an unofficial Google Reader API a while back.

Using technorati and other blog search engines

Even though I've been weblogging since March 2000, I have not worked systematically to cultivate a readership for my blogs. But now that I've left the comforts of my university staff position, I've become much more interested in developing an audience for my websites. Of course, one of the basic ways to develop a readership […]

New chapters posted: Seeking readers!

I posted today first drafts of 5 more chapters for my book.   Take a look — I'd love to get some feedback on these drafts.   (Send me email at raymondyee AT mashupguide DOT net.):   Chapter 3: "Tagging and Folksonomies." (2007-05-02 07:58:41) Chapter 4: "RSS and Atom and syndication; integration with news readers" (2007-04-24 17:52:20) […]