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Google Mashup Editor will be shut down

I'm sad about the announcement that Google is shutting down its Mashup Editor — one reason being that I had spent a fair amount of effort writing about it in Chapter 11 of  my book.  Oh well.  The Google App Engine is touted as a suitable and more powerful alternative to the Mashup Editor — […]

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Learning about JavaScript libraries using the Google Ajax Libraries API

In Chapter 8 of my mashup book, I wrote Ideally there would be one obvious choice for an excellent JavaScript library, and everyone would use it. The current situation is that there are many JavaScript libraries, and it is not at all obvious how they compare. I was hoping that in the course of writing […]

mashups of Google Maps Street View?

With pointers such as Greg Sadetsky's tidbits on how Google Map's Street View works in the browser (e.g., URLs of specific shots, a pointer to a Flare, an Actionscript decompiler), how long will we have to wait until we get mashups that give us a video tour of Berkeley using photos from Street View?

KML adoption beyond Google Earth

KML has moved beyond its use in Google Earth alone. For instance, you can display KML files and export search results and one of your "my maps" from Google Maps in KML. Other applications are beginning to support KML: For instance, you can get KML coming out of Yahoo! Pipes. There is support for KML […]

Google Reader API?

I don't think that there is an official API for Google Reader although Niall Kennedy documened an unofficial Google Reader API a while back.

ProgrammableWeb points me to yet another Google release!

It's very difficult to keep up with the world of public APIs and mashups — even for someone like me who is writing a book on the topic and teaching a course on the subject! Now that I have a bit more time to work on the topic, I turn now to being more assiduous […]

Machine tagging in Flickr (and elsewhere?)

"Machine tags" (see Flickr: Discussing Machine tags in Flickr API) have been introduced into Flickr as generalization of things like geotagging. Machine tags are also known by many as "triple tags". These are tags with a specific syntax aimed primarily for "machine consumption" (that is, by programs) and not directly for display to the typical […]

Some useful references for Chapter 17 on office suites

Fodder for Chapter 17 on office suites when I get to writing it in detail: Google office destined to be mashed – "We definitely want to build out APIs, especially for the spreadsheets side, as spreadsheets are more data-oriented, but maybe also for he word processor," Google product manager Jonathan Rochelle said. "People will […]