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S3Ajax: creating buckets and uploading keys

Continuing on Mashup Guide :: listing keys with S3Ajax, here I present a Chickenfoot script to create a bucket and upload a file (specifically, it creates a bucket by the name of raymondyeetest and uploads a file (D:\Document\PersonalInfoRemixBook\examples\ch16\Exported Items.rdf from my WinXP machine) to the key exportitems.rdf in the bucket: include("D:\\document\\JavaScriptLib\\sha1.js"); include("D:\\document\\JavaScriptLib\\S3Ajax.js"); var AWSAccessKeyId = […]


learning how to use S3Ajax to access Amazon S3

In a previous post ( Amazon S3 signature calculation in JavaScript), I show how to calculate using JavaScript a "signature" need to access Amazon S3. In this post, I show a code snippet for using Leslie Michael Orchard's S3Ajax, which I'm evaluating for using to connect Zotero with Amazon S3. (Like the code from my previous […]

Amazon S3 signature calculation in JavaScript

On pp. 478-479 of Chapter 16 of my mashup book on online storage APIs, I show how to how to reproduce the calculation of an API signature in Amazon S3 in Python and PHP. Recently, because I now want to access S3 from within the browser, I have figured out how to do the same […]

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Learning about JavaScript libraries using the Google Ajax Libraries API

In Chapter 8 of my mashup book, I wrote Ideally there would be one obvious choice for an excellent JavaScript library, and everyone would use it. The current situation is that there are many JavaScript libraries, and it is not at all obvious how they compare. I was hoping that in the course of writing […]

Preparing for a panel on OpenAjax

I've started preparing for the first panel at next week's Mashup Camp on OpenAjax Alliance: Why Ajax Standards Matter. Some things I'm reading and synthesizing: naturally, the OpenAjax Alliance website John Resig – Thoughts on OpenAjax — the post by the master JavaScript developer from 2007 presents some good critiques of OpenAjax — I wonder […]

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At work on Chapter 9

I'm working today on the first draft of Chapter 9 "Dissecting mashups and remixes". Ideally, I'd like to create the equivalent of the Gang of Four's Design Patterns for mashups. Such a project is long-term effort. For this chapter, I suggest finding several emerging patterns from an analysis of a handful of specific mashups. I […]

Chapter 8 on the programmable web browser, Javascript, and AJAX

Starting today, I will be writing much more often on this weblog to narrate the progress of my mashup book. The writing has been going well, but needless to say, there's so much more to do. This week, I am working on two fronts: cleaning up Chapter 1, an overview of mashups, and drafting, Chapter […]