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{ Category Archives } Chapter 01: Learning from Specific Mashups

Updates to Chapter 1

Some updates I'm making to Chapter 1 Re: LibraryLookup Bookmarklet — -> .   The LibraryLookup Project is a good page to use as a reference for the project. -> (thanks to

Barnes and Noble and ISBN-13

The online Barnes and Noble store ( uses ISBN-13 in the links to books. (e.g., RESTful Web Services) uses ISBN-10. Something to keep in mind to et LibraryLookup to work for Barnes and Noble.

Comments from Jon Udell on my writeup on LibraryLookup

Jon Udell was kind enough to make some comments on what I've written on his LibraryLookup bookmarklet in Chapter 1 (which I post here with his permission): Under "How can it be extended": OCLC xISBN! That service solves a key problem with the bookmarklet version: that an ISBN does not uniquely identify a work. But […]

Posting early drafts of Introduction and Chapter 1

Today, I start posting early drafts of the Introduction and Chapter 1 of my book. I'm keen on hearing feedback from those of you who would like to read early drafts of my book. The latest versions of chapters will be linked from the table of contents. Although my book will be fully released under […]

Mashup vs Remix

By the end of this week, I plan to post a draft of Chapter 1 ("Learning from a Study of Specific Mashups") for public comment. I'm a bit scared to do so since I see so many flaws in what I've written so far — and am wary of having even more pointed out by […]