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Creating book XHTML from DocBook

Ever since Pro Web 2.0 Mashups came out, I've wanted to get the book on the web.  Publishing PDFs was a start — but I have envisioned developing a full-blown web application, a book that would could interact with my readers, be self-correcting and self-updating.  It's only appropriate that a book about APIs and mashups […]

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a rough XHTML version of my book is now live

I'm pleased to announce that I've posted an  XHTML version of Pro Web 2.0 Mashups:  Remixing Data and Web Services. This should make it much easier for folks to use my book.  It also opens up some good opportunities for me to update the book, which I plan to do as I teach my Mixing […]


Which Creative Commons license to choose?

My publisher and I have agreed to release my book under the By-NC-SA 2.5 Creative Commons license. Should we go even further in openness and license under a By-SA license and remove the commercial reuse restrictions? David Wiley's post Why Universities Choose NC, and What You Can Do at iterating toward openness prompted my own […]

Chapter 3: What I could possibly cover

This week, I'm working a version 1.5 (a cleaned up first draft) of Chapter 3 "Tagging and Folksonomies". The important task for me is to work with I already have in my manuscript. Still I like to step back for a moment and write out what ideally I'd like be able to convey to my […]

Chapter 8 on the programmable web browser, Javascript, and AJAX

Starting today, I will be writing much more often on this weblog to narrate the progress of my mashup book. The writing has been going well, but needless to say, there's so much more to do. This week, I am working on two fronts: cleaning up Chapter 1, an overview of mashups, and drafting, Chapter […]

Spring Break, the Book, and

Because next week is spring break at UC Berkeley, I have a bit more breathing room to work on my book. While I need to turn in the first draft of Chapter 8 (on AJAX and Javascript) next week, my current priority is to recalibrate the schedule for the book as a whole. I'm please […]

What you will find on

On this weblog, I will be writing about all aspects related to the writing of the mashup book, including many materials that won't ultimately get into the book itself. What's on my list of things to write about? things I learn about mashups, including questions I have the process of writing this book mushy, early […]

Hello world!

On this new weblog, I will write about my book in progress, currently entitled, Pro (Web 2.0) Mashup Development: Remixing data and services to make the web your own. My publisher, which has been wonderful to work with, is Apress. Although I'm busily and intensely writing my first chapters to make my deadlines, I have […]