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Updates to Yahoo! Pipes (from Dec 2007)

While finishing my book, it wasn't possible for me to keep up with all the changes that were happening with the many web applications I track in the book.  One such change came in Yahoo! Pipes:  Pipes Blog » Blog Archive » New "Fetch Page" module and nice web path enhancement…. I have to try […]


New Drafts of Chapters 7, 9 13, and 17

I just posted the following chapters — for your edication and entertainment: Chapter 7: "Other XML Web Services APIs" (2007-06-09 13:38:24) Chapter 9: "Dissecting mashups and remixes" (2007-06-09 13:49:43) Chapter 13: "Online Maps and 3-D Digital Globes" (2007-06-07 15:44:19) Chapter 17:"Desktop and Web-Based Office Suites" (2007-06-07 15:24:53) As always, I'd be grateful for any constructive […]

Mining the data in ProgrammableWeb for Design Patterns in Mashups

In chapter 9, I look in detail at some individual mashups. I also want to know more about mashups in general, to do a macro-analysis of mashups. That is, I would look at the broadest range of mashups to look for design patterns that cross many examples. One way forward would be an analysis using […]

Mashup tools to look at

In Chapters 9 and 11, I analyze service composition frameworks, tools that make it easier to create mashups, for "design patterns" among mashups. That is, if some tool offers a template, it's likely that there is a design pattern behind that template. If time allows, I'd like to study at the least the following frameworks. […]

At work on Chapter 9

I'm working today on the first draft of Chapter 9 "Dissecting mashups and remixes". Ideally, I'd like to create the equivalent of the Gang of Four's Design Patterns for mashups. Such a project is long-term effort. For this chapter, I suggest finding several emerging patterns from an analysis of a handful of specific mashups. I […]