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Mashup tools to look at

In Chapters 9 and 11, I analyze service composition frameworks, tools that make it easier to create mashups, for "design patterns" among mashups. That is, if some tool offers a template, it's likely that there is a design pattern behind that template. If time allows, I'd like to study at the least the following frameworks. openkapow is one such system. I want to look at the ones highlighted in John Musser's recent presentation at Web 2.0 Expo. See Open APIs Talk at Web 2.0 Expo and specifically the quote from Digg floats API, phishing mashups to come:

    "The tool space is going to explode, both for developers and nondevelopers," Musser said. Of particular note were data mashup tools such as Yahoo Pipes, RSSBus, and Grazr; scraping tools for making structured data from unstructured data, such as Kapow and Dapper; and visual development tools, including JackBe, Teqlo, Bungee, and IBM's QEDWiki.

I'm already studying Yahoo! Pipes, Kapow, Dapper, and QEDWiki but have yet to look at:

How well do these tools work? We'll see.

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