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Decay in the Amazon APIs

In Chapter 17 of Pro Web 2.0 Mashups, I created a mashup of an Amazon Wishlist and Google Spreadsheets. When I returned to examine my code last night, I learned that it no longer worked.  Why?  First, the  Amazon Ecommerce API morphed into the Amazon Product Advertising API; I was puzzled why the API wasn't […]

Services built upon Amazon EC2

According to How To: Getting Started with Amazon EC2 –, the following services are built on top of EC2 (and thereby perhaps make scaling up EC2 easier): Web-based Cloud Computing Management Platform by RightScale scalr – Google Code WeoCEO – Easy to Use. EC2 Love What other ones are out there?

Amazon startup challenge

It's tempting to enter an idea into the Startup Challenge. Alas I don't have enough time to flesh the idea sufficiently to become a serious contender.  I've long wanted to pull together some deep personal computational infrastructure by combining S3 and EC2 and SQS — but writing up those ideas will have to wait.

Firefox plugins for Amazon EC2 and S3; developer forums for Amazon

In my post Mashup Guide :: Amazon URL structures, I mentioned that I will pose my questions concerning the Amazon web services in the appropriate forums. I'm looking at the list of forums Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Developer Connection but I'm uncertain whether any of them is appropriate yet. Along the way I […]

Amazon URL structures

I spend a substantial part of Chapter 2 on the topic of understanding the syntax and semantics of URLs in web applications. Knowing how URLs are formed lays the foundation of mashing them up later but also enables users to recombine content from various sites without much programming. In the chapter, I look at URLs […]

Chapter 2: First draft

I have posted the first draft of Chapter 2 (pdf) "Looking at Flickr,, Google maps, and as end-user tools". The chapter analyzes Flickr (as our primary extended example) for what makes it the remix platform par excellence for learning how to remix a specific application and exploit its many features that make it […]