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Decay in the Amazon APIs

In Chapter 17 of Pro Web 2.0 Mashups, I created a mashup of an Amazon Wishlist and Google Spreadsheets. When I returned to examine my code last night, I learned that it no longer worked.  Why?  First, the  Amazon Ecommerce API morphed into the Amazon Product Advertising API; I was puzzled why the API wasn't listed where I expected it to be.  Unfortunately, Amazon, in its infinite and inscrutable wisdom,  also decided to kill the ListLookup operation, the one call that I depended on to retrieve the content of my Amazon wishlist.  (I'm not alone in having broken applications because of this change.)

So what to do now?  Interestingly enough, someone just announced a JSON feed service for a given wishlist, for example, Jeff Bezos' wishlist and mine (in JSON).  I hope it stays around.  How does it work given the demise of the ListLookup operation?  My guess is that some sort of screen-scraping is going on.

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