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Notelets for 2007.09.25

I was going to try Google Presentation, the new Powerpoint-like subsystem of Google Docs, until I learned that it doesn't export presentations to Powerpoint or OpenDocument. (See Can I download a presentation to my local computer?.) Now, I might create my PPT or OpenDocument presentation and then upload it to see how good the importing […]

A rant about the complexity of working with SOAP services

For the second draft of Chapters 6 and 7, I've been writing up a section on working with SOAP. I knew that it might be complicated to explain but I had no idea that it would be so difficult to distill the subject down to clear rules of thumbs that really work. I need to […]

New Drafts of Chapters 7, 9 13, and 17

I just posted the following chapters — for your edication and entertainment: Chapter 7: "Other XML Web Services APIs" (2007-06-09 13:38:24) Chapter 9: "Dissecting mashups and remixes" (2007-06-09 13:49:43) Chapter 13: "Online Maps and 3-D Digital Globes" (2007-06-07 15:44:19) Chapter 17:"Desktop and Web-Based Office Suites" (2007-06-07 15:24:53) As always, I'd be grateful for any constructive […]