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Notelets for 2007.09.25

I was going to try Google Presentation, the new Powerpoint-like subsystem of Google Docs, until I learned that it doesn't export presentations to Powerpoint or OpenDocument. (See Can I download a presentation to my local computer?.) Now, I might create my PPT or OpenDocument presentation and then upload it to see how good the importing facility is.

There is a new YouTube API based on GData, but there is still upload and write-capabilities: YouTube API Blog: We hear you – we know that upload and other write capabilities are wanted by the community. These features are what we're focusing on next. There is a PHP-based library that lets you do YouTube uploading: PHPTube – YouTube API for Video Upload & Download »

One specific questions I have had about tags is how stable is the tagging for a given photo. I think that Cloudalicious – Watching Tag Clouds Over Time does a pretty good job at showing me that there is quick convergence. That's a rough take on what it shows….

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