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Text of the Book (v 1.0)

Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services

Note: The chapters posted here contain the text of the book, formatted as pdf.  You can access a HTML version of the book. The book is licensed under a Creative Commons (by-nc-sa-2.5) license

Dedication: For Laura, the love of my life


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Part 1 Remixing InformationWithout Programming

Chapter 1 Learning from Specific Mashups

Chapter 2 Uncovering the Mashup Potential of Web Sites

Chapter 3 Understanding Tagging and Folksonomies

Chapter 4 Working with Feeds, RSS, and Atom

Chapter 5 Integrating with Blogs

Part 2 Remixing a Single Web Application Using Its API

Chapter 6 Learning Web Services APIs Through Flickr

Chapter 7 Exploring Other Web APIs

Chapter 8 Learning Ajax/JavaScript Widgets and Their APIs

Part 3 Making Mashups

Chapter 9 Moving from APIs and Remixable Elements to Mashups

Chapter 10 Creating Mashups of Several Services

Chapter 11 Using Tools to Create Mashups

Chapter 12 Making Your Web Site Mashable

Part 4 Exploring Other Mashup Topics

Chapter 13 Remixing Online Maps and 3D Digital Globes

Chapter 14 Exploring Social Bookmarking and Bibliographic Systems

Chapter 15 Accessing Online Calendars and Event Aggregators

Chapter 16 Using Online Storage Services

Chapter 17 Mashing Up Desktop and Web-Based Office Suites

Chapter 18 Using Microformats and RDFa As Embeddable Data Formats

Chapter 19 Integrating Search