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programmableweb helps me to keep up on a busy week in maps

Two recent entries of note: » Blog Archive » API News from Where 2.0 is a good pointer to some of the new developments in this space. This week has been is a busy week for developments in online mapping because of such events as the Where 2.0 conference, the Google developer Day, WhereCamp […]

Mining the data in ProgrammableWeb for Design Patterns in Mashups

In chapter 9, I look in detail at some individual mashups. I also want to know more about mashups in general, to do a macro-analysis of mashups. That is, I would look at the broadest range of mashups to look for design patterns that cross many examples. One way forward would be an analysis using […]

At work on Chapter 9

I'm working today on the first draft of Chapter 9 "Dissecting mashups and remixes". Ideally, I'd like to create the equivalent of the Gang of Four's Design Patterns for mashups. Such a project is long-term effort. For this chapter, I suggest finding several emerging patterns from an analysis of a handful of specific mashups. I […]

ProgrammableWeb points me to yet another Google release!

It's very difficult to keep up with the world of public APIs and mashups — even for someone like me who is writing a book on the topic and teaching a course on the subject! Now that I have a bit more time to work on the topic, I turn now to being more assiduous […]