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Flickr downloaders

I'm so used to using Flickr to host my pictures that I need to remind myself that the primary audience for my Flickr photos — namely, my own family and close friends — don't know about or care for Flickr the way I do. My sister, for instance, doesn't want to spend her time looking through tons of photos on the web; she wishes instead to be able to download a lot of my pictures into her collection.

That's where an application for downloading Flickr pictures would be useful. What does this have to do with mashups or information remixing? (BTW, I've not even explained what mashups are yet on this site!) Basically, the Flickr API (Flickr Services) that allows Flickr to be recombined with many other applications is what allows programmers to write downloaders for Flickr with relative ease. I've not had time to look through the list of downloaders but have found the following so far:

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