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some academic research on mashups

M. Cameron Jones and Michael Twidale of UIUC have been active in the teaching and research sides of mashups:

  • Summary of Topic: Programming Web Mashups: This course provides an introduction to web programming and web application development. In addition to developing their own web applications, students will integrate existing web applications into their own through open protocols and APIs. Topic covered include: fundamental programming concepts, database modeling, web service infrastructures and protocols, server-side programming languages and tools. Students will gain an understanding of issues involved in designing and developing interactive, dynamic web sites and familiarity with existing tools and resources on the web. Sophomore, junior or senior standing.
  • Main Page – MashWorks, especially CSCW workshop papers – MashWorks

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to cover concerning research around mashups in the book; I hope to mention the topic at the very least.

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