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The cover blurb

One of the fun parts of writing my book was writing the marketing blurb on the back cover of the book.   I often find myself reaching to copy and paste it into emails or other documents when I describe my book.  Here it is: Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services Dear […]


The book is now available for purchase!

I'm very excited to announce that the book is available for purchase now. Please go buy a copy for you, each one of your loved ones, your friends, your enemies, the mayor of your city, your minister, rabbi, priest, or guru, your barber or hair dresser — anyone and everyone: Apress ( Amazon ( Barnes […]

Anyone know how to extract content from QuarkXPress?

The book has been sent off to the printers! Apress has told me that I should be getting my author copies sometime next week, and that the books should hit the bookstores some weeks after that. In the meantime, you can pre-order the book from a number of sources: Apress ( Amazon ( Barnes and […]


Updates to Yahoo! Pipes (from Dec 2007)

While finishing my book, it wasn't possible for me to keep up with all the changes that were happening with the many web applications I track in the book.  One such change came in Yahoo! Pipes:  Pipes Blog » Blog Archive » New "Fetch Page" module and nice web path enhancement…. I have to try […]


The book is *almost* done

Last night, I finished writing the introduction, cover blurb, and acknowledgments for my book.  With any luck, that means that all the remains for me is editing the galley proofs that come back to me.  The current estimate is that my book will be in bookstores in February. This blog has been very quiet for […]

I'll be at Mashup Camp IV today and tomorrow….

I will writing my notes here from Mashup Camp IV, where I hope to see many of the people I've been corresponding with and writing about over the last months.

Mapstraction and OpenLayers: abstraction layers for mapping APIs

In Chapter 13, I cover how to use some of major mapping APIs: Google Maps, Yahoo, Mapquest, and Microsofts'. It would be convenient to be able to not worry about the differences among the maps and easily switch among the various maps. That's the promise of a mapping"abstraction" library such as Mapstraction ( We'll have […]

Browser extension mechanisms for various browsers

I know about the Firefox add-on/extension mechanism but what about the corresponding element of other web browsers? Here's what a series of quick web searches turned up: Firefox Firefox Extension Development Tutorial :: Overview Opera Opera widgets: Opera Widgets – Weather, News, and More Opera User Javascript — Opera's take on Greasemonkey: – […]

Extracting text from a Word document

Although I'm writing my mashup book in Microsoft Word, I'd like to publish it in a variety of forms, including HTML, various varieties of XML, PDF, wiki-markup. There are various ways to extract content out of my Word documents, including Word macros, external scripts using the COM interface, or saving the Word 2003 documents as […]