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First impressions of tagging in Thunderbird 2.0

Since I'm writing Chapter 3 right now and learned that Thunderbird 2.0 supports tags, I decided to take a look immediately. The interface looks a bit spiffier. I will say that I'm generally pleased with Thunderbird, so I was hoping that the tags would be a great new feature.

So far, I don't quite see how I would use them. I thought that they would be more like Flickr tags than virtual folders. Moreover, how does one get rid of a tag in Thunderbird 2.0. I can see how to disassociate a tag from a given message. Thunderbird tags function more like folders. Even if you don't have a tag associated with any messages, the tag still exists (like an empty folder). I can't find any relevant help by searching for thunderbird tag in MozillaZine. Help!

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