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Notelets for 2007.03.15

For a long time, the Firebug extension would not display any CSS info. I fixed that problem last week:

I'm glad that Flickr has introduced Collections. (See my collections, for instance.) Pieces of the API are coming: Flickr Services: Flickr API: flickr.collections.getInfo — but it's not all there yet. ( yws-flickr : Collections). I was hoping, however, that the collections would also be able to contain other people's pictures.

Web 2.0 & Mashups: How People can Tap into the "Grid" for Fun & Profit » SlideShare is a good short presentation on mashups. Training, Tips, and Ideas is a blog with lots of tips on how to use OpenOfficeOrg more effectively.

I'd love to take in code4lib video for the 2007 conference. Sorry I couldn't make it since I had a blast that 2006 meeting.

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