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Notelets for 2007.01.15

Is there enough mashup-related activity at the Web 2.0 Expo 2007, April 15-18, 2007, San Francisco, California to justify the expense and time to attend?

Haas School News Release is an interesting article on how people buy and sell user reviews on eBay. No surprise there.

REST Web Services, a forthcoming book by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, is definitely worth watching:

    We want this to be the definitive work on the real-world use of REST. If you're a REST fanatic, we need your input now: your best practices, rules of thumb, and folklore; your review of what we write.

I'd like to have such a great reviewing system for my own book as the one I see for Django Book. The comment points to Jack Slocum's Blog » yui-ext 0.33 RC3 – What's New?

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